Slimea Minnelli – Racer Profile

Recent Form

Hasn’t quite lived up to expectations this season. With a top finish of 5th position so far in 2015, this isn’t quite the form of Manelli whos lowest finishing position was 3rd last season.



Brought up in the lush training fields of Ferryside, Manelli first started racing at just 1 year old where she had a natural gift for speed and agility, making her one of the youngest racers in history.

Now at 5 and a half years old, Manelli made the break into 11 inch tracks and was considered to be at the height of her career with a fantastic display at the National Championships, where she overtook the then World Champion, Rocket, at the 10 inch mark in what was a thriller of a race. However, she’s struggled to revive this performance and has struggled with form this season. Could the break into 11 inch be a move too soon for the youngster?



Christine Davies-Lamble has always been interested in Snail Racing, but only became a trainer after acquiring Manelli and recognising the talent she had. “She’d always been a bit nippy, but it wasn’t until she was about 3 months old when I’d watch how quickly she could make it across my kitchen floor, that I realised she had a natural talent for speed”, she said in a recent interview with Snailed. “I took her down to the local race track one afternoon and that’s where we’ve spent most of our time since!”



Manelli has always been known for her glamourous style and is normally covered in gems and bright colours when racing. Her unique style has seen her become one of the poster Snails for Snail Racing. A trainer previously claimed that her ‘bling’ was simply distracting to her fellow competitors which was why she always won her races. Whether that’s true or not remains to be unknown, but one things for certain, Manelli will not be ditching her bling anytime soon.