About Snailed

Snailed is an evening with a difference – on December 17th
we’ll be taking over at Cafe Lorenzos in Carmarthen for a night of
delicious food, great drinks, good company and snails.

Snail racing is (very) slowly building a cult following and we’re delighted to be blazing the trail in Wales.

Not only do you have get to enjoy a great night out, but through the course of the evening there’ll be several races where you can enter, bet, or just cheer on the snail of your choice.

But why, you ask? Surely they’re all the same?

It couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to quite dramatically different personalities, our snails will be appropriately decorated based on their owners wishes.

To find out more about how the races will be run, you can take a look at the rules here

Why Snailed

Snailed was thought up by Sarah Wynne and Christine Davies as a way to draw some like-minded people together in a social setting and help a cause very close to both of their hearts – Cancer Research.

Force of personality has taken that slightly eccentric idea and brought it to life, and so on the 17th December, we’ll be off snail racing!

Get involved with Snailed

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Snailed – so you get to enjoy a great night, and also raise money for Cancer Researc

1. Just come along

Tickets for the night cost £25 each, and include a delicious 3 course meal. Everyone attending will also be able to bet on the winner if each race. You’ll be able to bet on any race entrant, with a tote system in place to divvy up the spoils. Bets will cost £5 each.

2. Sponsor a snail

Bring your own snail and enter it for £5 a race, or you can commission a snail from our snail stud to be decorated in your choice of brand colours for £20. It’s not just about the glamour of being a snail owner either – in addition to having the details of you and your snail published in the form guide, the owner of each winning snail will receive a trophy and a bottle of champagne to celebrate their victory.

3. Sponsor a race

Always wanted a race named after you? Sponsor a race from just £50 and you can choose the title. What better present for the one than you love than their very own snail race

Help raise money for a great cause!

Buy a ticket online now or to sponsor a snail or race (or if you can’t make it and would just like to make a donation) fill in the form below…

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