How To Paint A Snail


So the event of the year is nearly upon us, which means you’ve probably started thinking about one very important factor – painting your snail.

If creativity is not your thing, or you have no clue how to paint a snail, (we appreciate that painting snails is not something most of you go home and do after a day at the office), then this little guide is for you!

1. Find your Snail

You’d be surprised at the number of people who’d forget this very important step….

2. Choose your Design

The first step in the creative process. Remember that ultimately, all snails look the same, so painting your snail is not only a way for you to remember which one is yours on the race track – but it’s also a lot of fun and a chance to show off your artistic skills! Here’s a couple of ideas to help get you started:

  • 1 simple colour – Simple yet effective
  • Representing your Business – Is your Snail racing on behalf of your company? Why not paint it in your business’ colours or maybe even paint your logo on?
  • Something glamorous – Bring a bit of sparkle (after all, it is Christmas) and get the glitter and the gems on the go
  • Fancy dress – Captain America? Batman? Mickey Mouse? You get the gist….
  • Stripes and polka dots – Add some patterns and a few more colours to create something quite striking

Paint your Snail

You’ll need to get your hands on non toxic acrylic paint for this. Some paint brushes, a bowl of water etc etc etc

TIP: Snails, for some unknown crazy reason, LOVE flour. (Enter the Mary Berry snail….)

snail-progressSnails aren’t exactly going to sit around loving life while you paint them. In fact, they will probably wiggle, try and jump off the table, go for a wander while you’re grabbing your glitter. So get some flour and water, mix it onto a plate until it forms a kind of paste and place the snails on top.

It’ll make life a lot easier (and potentially prevent the ‘Um… Has anyone seen my snail?’ conversation).

Easy right?

And it can actually help a snail warn off predators as they think the bright colours make it poisonous. Fancy that.

Here’s a couple we did earlier….


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