Order Of Events

Get prepared for the slowest night of your life…. 


If you haven’t caught your snail yet don’t fret – you’ve got a couple of days yet! (And we’ve heard they’re nocturnal this time of the year, so maybe get your wellies and torch ready….)

But with just 2 days to go, your attention may have turned to what you’re wearing, what time you’re arriving, booking that taxi to stumble into at the end of the night. So here is a run down of how the night is going to pan out:


Snailed Registration – 7pm


If you’re bringing your own snail, you’ll need to drop them to the registration booth on arrival. Don’t worry, they’ll be very well looked after while you settle down with some drinks and food.



Betting Opens – 7.30pm

£5 per bet, per race.

Make as many bets as you like – the winner takes home a cash prize!!!





Food – 8pm

Your food will be served promptly at 8pm.





Betting closes – 9.15pm

No more bets ladies and gentleman. The race is about to begin……


9.20 at Lorenzos. – 9.20pm

Ready, Steady, SLOW!! The first race of the night will commence at 9.20pm. Cheer on your snails, shout at your opponents, go nuts for the winner!

After the race, there will be a short presentation followed by an Auction.

After some refreshments bets will be open again for the grand finale race of the evening!


We’re looking forward to seeing you at Snailed!