Looking for something different for your Christmas Do?

Can we mollusc you a question….Have you been slow to sort out your works Christmas do?

Do not despair, take a load off your back, and get involved in the most cracking Christmas Party of the year. Snailed is a one night, must see extravaganza event.

Get dressed up and attend poshest snail race you’ll ever go to.This black tie event will be held at Caffe Lorenzos, Carmarthen on the 17th of December, and is set to be a different kind of experience to the usual Christmas parties. Just £25 per ticket!

Snail racing is real, and its happening!

You can choose to bring your own snail, or one can be provided for you. All entrants must have a name, and be painted or dressed up in whatever you choose – that’s right, paint your snail in your company’s branding, or maybe you can choose something a little different.

Get creative, and maybe add some bling, or a jockey onto your snail. We have provided a mix of suggestions within the pictures of this page.

Come out of your shell, enjoy, network and have some fun whilst doing something for charity.

Enter your snail for just £5. We will take bets on your snails behalf. Are they the speediest snail in the west? You will soon–ish find out!

Watch as others bet on your snail. Get your snail to the racing track. Ready, steady, Slow! (I know, I know!).

Our adjudicator will keep track of the exciting twist and turns of the race. Watch as your snail gets around the obstacles, around one another and towards the finishing line. Unless of course they decide to take a rest, or a sudden alternative route!

Anything could happen!!

We are also looking for a few lucky people to sponsor a race. Races are open to sponsorship for the not so slimey price of £35.

We will put your branding on the race banner, and introduce the race with whatever name you give it.

A fantastically different night out!

Tickets are limited so reserve your spot fast.

Get Snailed this Christmas!